What we stand for

Our Vision

Your partner in emergency health.


Our Pillars

  • Our Patients: Safety and Quality – At the centre of everything we do
  • Our People: Culture – Our most important asset
  • Our Partners: Relationships – Working together for better care
  • Our Enablers: Business Sustainability – A sustainable future for our business


Our values

Patient First
Accountability and responsibility
Trust and confidence
Integrity and honesty
Empowered leadership
No harm

Flexible and responsive
Innovative and research driven
Respect and courtesy
Safe and high quality
Transparent and open communication

Strategic Themes and Objectives

Our patients Our people Our partners Our enablers
At the centre of everything we do:

  • Assign the right resource, first time, every time
  • Offer integrated and flexible care options
  • Prepare for professional registration
  • Provide tailored safe evidence based clinical practice relevant to patent and community needs
Our most important asset:

  • Enhance the capability and capacity of our people
  • Offer best in class education for our people
  • Develop a SAAS skills escalator
  • Streamline business processes
Working together for better care:

  • Develop collaborative partnerships across health
  • Build community relationships with patients and hard to reach/access patient groups
  • Improve cross directorate relationships and foster shared ownership
  • Enhance co-operation with emergency service partners
A sustainable future for our business:

  • Improve technology and infrastructure
  • Enhance the role of SAAS as a state wide service and system provider
  • Provide greater access to information
  • Provide a long term sustainable fiscal strategy