SA Ambulance Service is an essential link in South Australia’s health care system and as such aims to support the health of the community by providing high quality pre-hospital care and inter-hospital transport.

Feedback about the service we provide is crucial to ensuring we continue to provide quality, safe care, and wherever possible, improve our service delivery.

If you would like to provide feedback, please write to us using the online form on the contact us page.

How does SAAS handle complaints?

All complaints are handled by a Consumer Adviser, who will oversee the process of registration through to resolution.

Complaints are registered in the SA Health Safety Learning System (SLS), and a review is then undertaken with the relevant leaders in SAAS. The Consumer Adviser may contact consumers involved throughout the review process.

When review of a complaint has concluded, consumers will be contacted to notify of the findings and any other relevant information.

How long will it take to receive a response to a complaint?

SAAS will provide an initial acknowledgement in writing to confirm your complaint has been received and registered. The full complaint review process will be completed within 35 days of receipt.

If you have not received a response to your complaint, please contact us on 1300 13 62 72.

What if I am not satisfied with the response or resolution of my complaint?

Please contact us on 1300 13 62 72. A Consumer Advisor will discuss any concerns or other options available to resolve any issues.

If you are not satisfied with the complaint resolution by SAAS, you can submit a complaint with the South Australian Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner.