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Jay Dudley, Elliston

I think everyone has the right to basic healthcare and this includes access to an ambulance if needed. Our closest big towns are over an hour away, so it’s really important to have an ambulance service here. Just because we are rural, doesn’t mean we cannot access the best medical services – including hospital transfers to specialist care. Having a local ambulance service makes a stressful situation a little less stressful.

The Elliston team are inspiring; their generosity and commitment to keeping our station going for the benefit of everyone across the region is incredible. I have such respect for these people and want to help them as much as I can. I’ve also met many new people who I had never crossed paths with previously, despite living in such a small town.

Every job I go on and every training night I attend, I am continuously learning more, I love that! I came in with basic knowledge of first aid and have been provided with the training to drive an ambulance and operate clinical equipment. I have also learnt advanced first aid and diagnostic skills that I’ve been able to use in my daily life with my kids; from cuts and injuries to severe asthma and allergies.

As a volunteer you are never placed in a situation you haven’t been trained for. Until you gain extensive experience you are partnered with a more senior clinician and you are there to assist them. The support within SA Ambulance Service is really wonderful.

Jo Hough, Keith

Having a local familiar face attend to a patient can be most reassuring.

Any contribution to our roster is welcome. If you are adverse to blood, or do not think you have what it takes – there are many operational levels that may suit you. We need support ambulance assist personnel through to ambulance officers.

Emily Williams, Port MacDonnell

I was inspired to join SA Ambulance Service after having to call emergency services after an incident happened at my workplace. Seeing the amazing work of the volunteer crews encouraged me to want to join. It motivated me to give back to my community as it such rewarding work.

I absolutely love every minute of volunteering with SA Ambulance Service, everyone at my local station are welcoming and friendly so it didn’t take very long for them to consider me part of their family. Going into volunteering I had no idea what to expect. I never knew that volunteering at my local station would be so rewarding. You absolutely get as much out of it as you put in.

My local team at Port MacDonnell are amazing. We have a diverse range of volunteers from all different paths of life. Everyone looks out for each other and helps one another when they have any questions about a job or how something works. We are a close knit family that all share one thing in common and that’s a passion for volunteering.

My favourite thing about volunteering is seeing how our team is making a difference in our community. As we have an ambulance fleet now we are able to transport patients, this has made such a difference in our community and we are so fortunate to have access to such great resources.

Michael Greenwood, Meningie

I live a very busy lifestyle but SA Ambulance Service is very flexible with rostering and training is in the evening, making it easy for me to fit it in with work.

I have three boisterous young boys who may need an ambulance one day. It comforts me to have an ambulance service in Meningie to get medical attention within minutes if an emergency may occur.

Reece Warren, Yorketown

My favourite thing about volunteering is being able to help out a total stranger. It gives me the feeling that one day when someone important to me requires help, there will be a network of people that are there ready to help them no matter who they are.

Lisa Kruger, Quorn

I love the fact you meet so many likeminded people and gain experiences and knowledge in a relaxed environment.

I think having a local ambulance service available in smaller more remote communities is very important to get help and services to our patients as soon as possible.

You will not only gain medical training and certificates that can later help you gain further job opportunities, you will be joining an awesome team where you will gain friendships and have a lot of good times while helping your local community in giving them the best care available in their time of need.

Volunteer with us! SA Ambulance Service volunteering becomes part of your lifestyle.

Rosters and training are flexible and are designed around you, so that you can progress at a pace that you are comfortable with.

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