At SAAS, we are committed to being inclusive, engaging the community early, and enabling people to have a say in the development of its ambulance service.

Through innovation and engagement, we aim to evolve our services to meet the changing needs of the community to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

We aim to provide services that are responsive, flexible, sustainable, high quality and patient-focused. We value positive contributions from consumers and the community in contributing to improvements in our health service quality, equity and management.

Our Consumer and Community Advisory Committee provides the SAAS Executive Management Team with advice from a consumer perspective regarding services and needs, and helps us to develop appropriate mechanisms for consumer input and subsequent service innovation.

We also have consumers present on our SAAS Governance committees:

  • Finance Committee
  • Service Delivery Committee
  • Clinical Governance Committee x 2 (approvals and risks).

For more information please email or call 0407 399 460

The SAAS Consumer and Community Engagement Plan 2023-2025 is now available.

This plan has been built from the original Consumer and Community Framework from 2020 which was the groundwork for the development and embedding of consumers across the organisation, in CACAC and on Governance committees. It has been co-designed with our consumers, to strengthen partnerships between SAAS and the people who utilise our services.

The plan will be used to shape our current and future work with consumers and the community. To allow us to work alongside consumers, carers, clinicians and other stakeholders to better understand how we can improve engagement. Together, we are helping to drive the planning, design and delivery of better emergency healthcare services and systems, and ultimately, better health outcomes for our diverse communities across the state.