Don’t let a medical emergency upstage your event

South Australia is renowned for its festivals and community events.

SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) encourages all event organisers to proactively assess the potential risks associated with their event in advance. A risk assessment will enable appropriate planning and engagement of the most suitable medical resources for an event, which may be SAAS or an alternate service provider dependant on the size, location and risk profile of the event.

Notifying SA Ambulance Service of your upcoming Event

It is important that SAAS maintains an awareness of what is happening across all metropolitan and regional areas. Notifications of community events, large and small, means we can plan and prepare appropriate state-wide resources and understand and mitigate any additional challenges your event may introduce; to help us provide service to the whole South Australian community.

You may also use this form to notify us of any local community changes, such as programmed road closures, temporary or transient local population changes, or other temporary hazards and additional access and egress challenges that could impact our ability to get to you or others in your local community.

You can assist us with this by completing the Event Notification Form below.

If you wish to notify us or engage SAAS attendance for your upcoming event, please fill in the online form and select the relevant request type (Event notification or Event booking request).

If you are unsure whether SAAS should attend your event, submit a booking request and our Event Planner will risk assess and discuss options with you based on the information you’ve provided.

Booking SA Ambulance Service for your upcoming Event

SA Ambulance Service plays a key role and loves to be involved in supporting the South Australian Community, however SAAS is an emergency service; and as such, our primary function is not the provision of first aid services for events, but more proficient delivery of emergency response capability for significant cases, leaving the first aid services to one of the numerous private providers who specialise in event medical services.

SAAS may, at its discretion, be contracted to provide a resource(s) on scene at large scale or high risk events. Prior engagement with SAAS will ensure that resources can be dedicated to your event whilst ensuring your event will not impact the greater community in which it is held.

As an event organiser, you will be aware of the intensity and volume of planning required in preparation of an event, preparation for SAAS attendance is no different. Depending on the type and location of the event being held, we may require some weeks or even months to prepare; to help us help you, we request you advise us of your event as soon as possible.

Note – The SA Ambulance Service being a body corporate constituted under the Health Care Act 2008, has statutory obligations to provide ambulance services for the benefit and protection of the community of South Australia. SAAS Reserves the right to cancel public event bookings if required in order to meet this obligation.

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