There is no predicting an emergency.

Don’t be hit by unexpected ambulance fees.

We’re here for you in an emergency and will provide the highest quality patient care in any situation. However, ambulance services in South Australia are not free or covered by Medicare.

Having Ambulance Cover gives you peace of mind. Should you need us, you can be protected against costs of ambulance transport and treatment by getting Ambulance Cover. Even with private health insurance, many policies limit or exclude certain ambulance costs. We offer Ambulance Cover and Ambulance Cover Extras.

Find out more about standard Ambulance Cover

Find out more about Ambulance Cover Extras

Ambulance Cover

Ambulance Cover can provide you with security against unexpected fees from using the ambulance service.

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Ambulance Cover Extras

Ambulance Cover Extras offers South Australian residents financial protection from the costs of non-emergency ambulance transport. Becoming an Ambulance Cover Extras member ensures you are never billed with unexpected non-emergency ambulance transport fees.

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Ambulance Fees and Charges in South Australia

Without a level of ambulance cover, standard fees apply and are billed to the patient receiving care. Ambulance services in South Australia are not free. Find out how much an ambulance response could cost you.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What type of Ambulance Cover do I need?
  • Do I need single or family Ambulance Cover?
  • Is interstate Ambulance Cover available?

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