SA Ambulance Current Fleet

SA Ambulance Service operates a current fleet of over 400 modern vehicles with various types and models equipped for specific purposes and services. Our fleet includes front line ambulances, light emergency & community response cars, specialised ambulances, and various other support vehicles… even bicycles!

All of our emergency and operational road vehicles feature the distinctive and highly visible SA Ambulance livery and are equipped with warning lights and sirens.

In total, our fleet travels over 10 million kilometres every year!

*Fleet presented below current as of June 30 2021

Ambulance Fleet

  • 270 x Mercedes Benz Sprinter Ambulances
  • 10 x Toyota Landcruiser 70 series “Troop Carrier” Ambulances

Light response and road fleet

  • Volkswagen Tiguan SPRINT (Single Paramedic Response and INTervention)
  • Mercedes Valente (Extended Care Paramedic)
  • Toyota Landcruiser (Special Operations Team)
  • SPRINT bicycles
Volkswagen Tiguan (SPRINT)

Toyota Landcruiser (SOT)

SPRINT bicycles

Other ambulance and special vehicles

  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter twin carrier ambulance
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519 bariatric transport ambulance
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter 518 (Special Operations)
  • Isuzu 16T truck (Tactical Support)
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter (RoadFit)
  • Iveco bus (SAAS “AmBus”)
  • Fuso Canter (Logistics truck)

Operational Command, support, and non-operational vehicles


  • Commodore
  • Colorado
  • Trailblazer


  • Camry
  • Hiace
  • Landcruiser Prado
  • RAV4


  • Amarok