An AED can save a life. If there is an AED in your building, we need to know.

If your organisation has a publicly accessible AED, it should be registered with SAAS so people can find it if there is a cardiac arrest nearby.

When someone calls Triple Zero (000) for a cardiac emergency, SAAS can use the register to advise them of the nearest registered AED.

About 30,000 Australians suffer a cardiac arrest every year and the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest are significantly higher when bystanders use CPR and an AED.

Link to AED register for South Australia

What is an AED?

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are portable electronic medical devices which monitor heart rhythms and deliver assisted electrical shock (‘defibrillation’) to counteract sudden cardiac arrest.

AEDs can be used by anyone and require no training. When you call Triple Zero (000) in a cardiac emergency, our Emergency Medical Dispatch team will direct you through the steps to use the AED until our crews arrive.

For more people to survive cardiac arrest, South Australia needs more AEDs available in communities, workplaces, schools and clubs in the event of an emergency.

How to check if your AED is already registered

To check if your AED is already registered, please email with the name of your organisation and the street address where your AED is located.

Register your AED

To register your AED, use the button below to go to the AED registration platform. South Australian AEDs are now registered on the GoodSAM platform to improve accessibility.

The registration process includes an option to create a GoodSAM AED account to allow you to update your AED details in the future.To check if your AED is registered, please email with the name of your organisation and the street address where the AED is located.

If your AED is already registered and you wish to change the details or cancel its registration, please use the form below. Please do not use this form to register a new AED.

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