Why do I need Ambulance Cover?

Ambulance Cover can provide you with security against unexpected fees from using the ambulance service.

Download Our Ambulance Cover Brochure (PDF)


Download Our Ambulance Cover Brochure (Easy Read PDF)

  • What level of Ambulance Cover do I need?
  • Once I join, when do I need to pay?
  • When do the benefits of Ambulance Cover commence once I join?

Benefits of Ambulance Cover


Peace of mind

Ambulance Cover will guarantee you are protected from unexpected ambulance fees if you need us in an emergency.


Cover for your loved ones

Ambulance Cover is available for families, ensuring you and your loved ones are covered under your policy.


Australia-wide cover is available

For a small extra cost, Ambulance Cover Plus will cover you in an emergency anywhere in Australia.

Types of Ambulance Cover

  • Single Cover
  • Family cover

Ambulance Cover rates

Standard Cover (Annual) Standard plus interstate (Annual)
Family $192 $226.75
Single $96.50 $114
Pensioner Family $115 $149.75
Pensioner Single $58 $75.50

How to join


Join online

Becoming a member online is the quickest and easiest way to join. Complete the online form, make your payment and you will be covered from the next business day.

Apply today

Please note, the Ambulance Cover Membership application will be unavailable from 21/9/2023 21:00 PM until 22/9/2023 06:00 AM


In person

Download and complete the electronic application form (fill in electronically or in print).

Pay in person at any Australia Post (post office) or National Pharmacies store.

Download Electronic Application Form

Ambulance Cover FAQs

Queries about Ambulance Cover?

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