Frequently Asked Questions about GoodSAM 

GoodSAM is a mobile application which alerts trusted responders to life-threatening cardiac arrests. While these patients need advanced resuscitation and definitive care, we know that early access to cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation saves lives.

When a cardiac arrest emergency call is made to Triple Zero (000), the GoodSAM app alerts up to three nearby responders who may be close enough to provide assistance while an ambulance is on the way.

GoodSAM responders receive an alert on their phone and have the option to accept or reject the request for assistance.  If a responder accepts the alert, they are provided with information relating to the case, including the event location and any nearby public access AEDs.

This page addresses frequently asked questions from GoodSAM responders or people who are interested in becoming a GoodSAM responder.

In addition to the information below, the GoodSAM Code of Conduct for Australia can be found here.

Registering as a GoodSAM responder

  • Who can be a GoodSAM responder in SA?
  • Is becoming a GoodSAM responder voluntary?
  • How do I register as a GoodSAM responder?
  • What information is required to validate my status as a GoodSAM responder?

Setting up the GoodSAM app

  • Where do I find the GoodSAM app?
  • Is there a preview of how the app works?

Receiving GoodSAM alerts

Accepting a GoodSAM alert

  • What are the key points to remember about responding to a GoodSAM alert?
  • Should I respond if I have had alcohol or medication like codeine?
  • What do I do if I receive an alert while working or which would make me late for work?
  • After I accepted an alert, I changed my mind and don’t want to proceed. Is that okay?
  • What do I do if I am on my way to a GoodSAM event and it is cancelled on the app?
  • What information do I receive when I accept a GoodSAM alert?
  • What should I take when responding to a GoodSAM alert?
  • Where would I collect an AED?
  • How far might the GoodSAM event be from my location?
  • How does Gayle's Law affect GoodSAM implementation in SA?

What to do when you arrive at a GoodSAM event

  • Are there safety considerations to consider?
  • What do I do if denied access?
  • What should I tell people when I arrive?
  • What will I be expected to do if I accept a GoodSAM alert?
  • What do I do when an ambulance arrives?
  • How far behind the responder will the ambulance be?

Privacy considerations

  • What are the key considerations on patient privacy?
  • How will information about responders be managed?

Liability, injuries and incidents

  • Important information about liability of responders
  • What should I do if I damage property in my efforts to provide medical assistance?
  • What should I do if I am injured while responding to an alert?
  • Can I respond to an alert if I have a current Workers Compensation claim?

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