Is it trivial? Or is it triple zero? Save 000 for when it matters.

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South Australians are being reminded to save Triple Zero (000) for emergencies with a new campaign to help the ambulance service to respond to sickest patients faster.

The ‘Save 000 for when it matters’ campaign comes off the back of increased Triple Zero (000) calls for non-emergency incidents.

Nearly 30 per cent of all calls to Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance do not require an emergency response, with some of these calls taking paramedics and ambulance officers away from genuine emergencies.

The ‘Save 000 for when it matters’ campaign features a range of medical complaints and asks the viewer is it trivial, or is it triple zero? It also encourages patients to consider other community-based healthcare professionals who are ready and able to help manage non-urgent health care issues, around-the-clock.

SAAS Interim Chief Executive Officer, Rob Elliott, said the campaign aims to reduce the number of unnecessary calls to Triple Zero (000) by highlighting the types of cases that require an emergency response and showcasing some of the more trivial cases, such as broken toes and minor injuries.

“Our hardworking call takers, dispatchers, paramedics, ambulance officers, doctors and nurses are doing an incredible job of responding to record levels of community demand,” said Mr Elliott.

“By saving Triple Zero (000) for when it matters, South Australians can help ensure our ambulance resources are available for those who need it most.”

“Our clinicians are incredibly busy, and we continue to see the public calling an ambulance for minor dental issues, ear infections, constipation, mild viral illness, and many other conditions which aren’t necessarily an emergency.”

“We are fortunate in SA to have so much choice when it comes to healthcare – so we encourage everyone to explore their options and seek the one most suitable to their needs, whether it’s a GPs, pharmacist or other services available in the community.”

“For real emergencies or if in doubt, do not hesitate calling Triple Zero (000). The people who take your call are trained to help and direct you to the appropriate assistance. For everything else we ask you to gain advice from Health Direct or seek your health care from appropriate health professionals such as GPs and Pharmacists.”

“Everyone can play a part by using other healthcare options when they are simply unwell or have a minor inquiry and saving Triple Zero (000) for those who need really it” said Mr Elliott.

The TV, radio and social campaign follows SA Health’s ‘Is it really an emergency?’ campaign, which provided South Australians with a better understanding of when to visit an Emergency Department or call an ambulance – with the previous campaign run helping to temporarily reduce the average number of daily calls to Triple Zero (000) by 20 percent.